Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Party

For Matthew's 5th Birthday we decided to do a Halloween themed party. His birthday is 2 weeks before Halloween. The year before I had bought a Frankenstein costume from Pottery Barn Kids for him to wear. I used it as my focus for the party. I asked all the kids to wear their costumes and some adults joined in the fun too! I decorated outside and inside the house. We had games for the kids to play; pumpkin toss, ghost bowling, mummy wrap & the pinata. Wait till you see that pinata! It's life like! Before it was hung in the tree it actually scared me twice because it looked so real!!! After the pinata we did cake and presents inside. Sorry this post is really long but it is mostly pictures. Also the pictures are all out of order, but it would have taken me forever to organize them...

The Frankenstein Cake!

This was the fireplace. I made this haunted house out of boxes and I was really happy with it. However, I didn't take a picture of it!!

We saved one present for the next morning because it was his actual birthday, but I included this picture because you can kind of see the haunted house back there behind him.

I stamped these candles.

all three candles on the candle holder with spider webs

I made the pennant banner with different Halloween papers and it said "Happy Boo Day Matthew"

I hung spider webs all on the ceiling in the dining room/ along with the spooky tree background
I got these Martha Stewart mice cutouts from Michael's, I loved how good they looked!

We have this chalkboard by the front door to write reminders on, so I wrote on for the party!

wooden bats hanging down as you go up the stair case

In the living room and the kitchen I cutout about 75 black bats from card stock and hung them with fishing wire from the ceiling

I decorated the downstairs 1/2 bathroom with spider webs, haunted houses, spiders & eyes on the wall. I also put black lights in place of the regular light bulbs to make it more spooky!

The blinking eyes & spiders {I also cut out by hand all of those spiders that you see on the walls!}
Spider webs
the vampire and witch that kept you company (pretty creepy with the black lights)

The haunted houses went all the way around as a border

the outside door of the bathroom

Frank in the kitchen

I made these scrap like pages and hung them on the wall. They showed Matthew's past Halloween costumes. I loved them & it was fun for everyone to see what he had been in the past.

I made these Frankenstein boxes and they held all the little party favors. {which included the home made Frankenstein tattoo}. Each child also got a motorized bubble blower & the boys got a lighted sword & the girls a lighted wand.

The cake table. I used cheesecloth for the table runner and had some colored spider rings all over.

I put candy in the mouth of the jack o lantern candy dish. My mom got the cake made at a local bakery & I made some mummy cupcakes. The cupcake stand was from Michael's. Matthew's aunt brought the witch cookies on a Frankenstein plate!
The Frankenstein pinata! Yes it is a pinata!

The backyard is where most of the party took place.

Mummy wrap game. We used rolls of toilet paper. The kids loved this game. I bought 4 rolls of tp at the $ store for a buck! Super cheap game!

My Biggest helpers!!!! My sister {the ladybug}, her friend Emilee {the bee} & my mom {the butterfly}

Ghost Bowling game! I just spray painted empty 2 litter bottles. {I'm not sure why I forgot to paint the 2 red lids :( }

Pumpkin toss! Just a carved pumpkin & my mom made me some Halloween bean bags


The only picture of him in full costume!
The tree with the pinata

The cauldron had "fog" coming out of it, this was set up right as you enter the back yard
The food table

Here you can see more decorations on the fence along with Aunt Rosemary {her costume was so cute!}

On the tables I had 1 orange pumpkin jar & 1 green frankenstien with tea lights inside.


  1. Hi Hollee! Thank you for letting me know about the invitation! How embarrassing!! Luckily, it was just for family, and they didn't notice either! :) I fixed it on my blog, thanks!

  2. What a "cute" party!! :) You really went all out for this and wow it really shows. Great work! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. love the pinata and the ghost bowling!

  4. How fun and festive! I want to have a Halloween party next year and I just got some awesome and creative ideas to steal from you. I especially loved the Frankenstein boxes you made!


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