Thursday, August 20, 2009

Matthew's 1st Birthday Party--2004

This was Matthew's 1st Birthday Party! I just loved the blue and green together! This was my first party and looking back now I see all of the things I could have added, but that's part of growing. I still love the details that did go into his very first party! Enjoy the pictures... {also getting up close and personal with the little items I made didn't happen as much back then}

The Table! In the crystal dish in the front I made the mini candy bar covers and covered some mini candy bars.

The cake! It was so yummy {even to me and I do NOT like birthday cake}

It's probably way to hard to tell BUT on the table there is blue balloon confetti that I bought and then I mixed in some confetti I made with matthew's picture cut out in the same balloon shape! That balloon picture confetti was also in his invite!

His highchair & Birthday Crown

I painted that ceramic plate for Matthew to eat his cake on!

The aftermath of the cake!

The Presents and the game before we played it

Now since most of the kids were little this was the only game I planned. It was called "Pin the hat on the Birthday Boy" I printed a big picture of Matthew's face and then some little hats that matched the birthday plates.

Next was the Pinata! I wanted a pull string Pinata because it was little kids that weren't strong enough to "hit" a pinata. Well of course there was nothing to match my party, so I made my own! I bought a winnie the pooh pull string pinata because the side fringe was green and matched. Then I covered the middle to match the party theme! I loved how it came out!

The End!

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